About Us

We, TACT Consulting Limited and our subsidiary company t.act, are highly reputable experiential based training companies. We specialize in using experiential learning activities, including adventure-based training, to identify and release people potentials. We provide tailored made in-house and outdoor training programs for you to enhance your teamwork and solve the problems in your company, institute or organization.

We are professional trainers who love and respect our work. Since 2004, we have serviced over 70 satisfied clients ranging from educational institutes to large corporate.

TACT Consulting Limited Staff Photo

Both of our companies contain the same four letters which are “t”, “a”, “c” and “t”. They stand for “Task”, “Action”, “Challange” and “Teamwork”. These summarize how we can help you in our training program. Generally speaking, we set up some tasks and challenges depending on the needs of your company or organization in the program. In order to complete them, you have to take action and also require your teamwork.

Both of our companies provide same training services. The only differences between the two companies are our target audience and how we deliver the services. TACT Consulting Limited targets corporates while t.act serves non-profit organization.

Here are our vision, missions, values, target audience, and services to let you understand us more!

Our vision  

We all help each other to achieve dreams.

Our missions     

  • We encourage continuous development to meet the changing environment.
  • We help people to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone.
  • We promote open communication to enhance interpersonal trust and harmony.
  • We embrace teamwork can make a difference.

Our values

  • Passion – commitment in heart and mind
  • Integrity – be fair and trustworthy
  • Perfection – strive for excellence (job well done)
  • Immortal – work hard play hard

Who do we target

TACT Consulting Limited setting up

Both of the companies provide the same training services for our clients. The only differences between the two companies are our target audience and how we deliver the services.

We are a business-to-business company. So, our training program is designed for companies, institutes or organizations.

If you are from a corporate, then TACT Consulting Limited is for you.

If you are from an institute or organization that belongs to any of the following groups, then t.act is for you.

  • Primary school, secondary school or tertiary institute
  • Non-governmental organization that targets students, people with disability, families or socially vulnerable groups
  • Any other non-profit organizations

The aim of t.act is life on life interaction. We want to help students including primary, secondary and tertiary students, people with disability, family, and other socially vulnerable groups to achieve their dreams and release their potentials. That’s why we provide the training services for them at a lower price compared to TACT Consulting Limited.

Our Services

Both of the companies provide the same five core services for our clients. You can click one of the following five services to know more about it.

We provide the services based on the needs and natures of our clients. For example, the training program is different if you are from primary school instead of corporate. We strive to provide state-of-the-art and tailored made training programs.

If you want to know more about our staff to see how experienced we are, you can read our staff profiles.

Contact us if you’re interested in our services!