What is TACT Consulting Limited

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TACT Consulting Limited is a highly reputable experiential based training company. We strive to provide state-of-the-art and safe training programs to enhance your teamwork and performance of your company. We value and respect our clients. The first thing that comes to our mind is training your staff effectively instead of earning your money. That’s why we are loved by our clients.

We specialize in experiential based training, including adventure-based activities, to release people’s potential and develop group cohesiveness. We strongly believe that it is more important to make people overcome their innate weaknesses than to develop the innate strength in them, which can be achieved by experiential based training. So, your staff can perform better in your company.

Here are the details including the target audience, services, and training programs if you want to understand TACT Consulting Limited more.

Target Audience

Since TACT Consulting Limited is a business-to-business company, the target audience is corporate. In other words, we offer corporate training. If you want your staff to participate in experiential-based training, we are happy to help you!

Services Offered

We provide the below five services for our clients. You can click either one of them to know more about it.,

Our Training Programs

We design our training programs based on on the needs and natures of your company. We also arrange all the logistics of the training for you, so you just need to talk to us how we should train your staff.

We use DiSC profile to understand team norms and analyze individual relationships and their place in the team. Because each team will have different leadership needs that their leader will need to take into account their leadership qualities to achieve peak performance. DiSC also helps to identify individual’s development opportunities.

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We use experiential based training to develop teams as well. We organize team building activities, from few hours conference energizers to one or more days team building programs to reinforce your company core values and leadership competencies. In the program, we will help to process the learning to connect and link the positive behavior to work.

We simulate a business environment using both outdoor and indoor experiential approach to work on projects where the teams will have to locate their business opportunities and then transfer them into business results. Throughout the process, they will utilize their manpower to plan their strategies and implement their actions for company profitability. Planning and change management are critical to their success.

For example, we utilize canoeing, orienteering, tree climbing and river crossing to get their business results.

We are able to cater for diverse teams in company with different levels of complexity.

If you want to know more about our training programs, you can visit our training program page.

How TACT Consulting Limited is different from t.act

Although TACT Consulting Limited and t.act, which is our subsidy company, provide the same five services for our clients, there are two major differences between them.

First, the target audiences are different. TACT Consulting Limited targets corporates while t.act targets non-profit organizations such as schools and non-governmental organizations.

Second, the deliveries of training programs are different. TACT Consulting Limited encourages its participants to think more and take the initiative in the training while t.act provides more guidance for the participants.

Generally speaking, if you want corporate training for your company, then TACT Consulting Limited is suitable for you.

Contact us if you’re interested!