Managing Multi-generational workforce

Managing Multi-generational workshop

The other day I have attended a workplace forum organized by CHRSD on “Managing an effective multi-generational workforce in Hong Kong”. This topic has become a more significant HR challenges other than Talent Management.

The Four Generations (4G) are the Baby boomers: born 1946-1964, Generation X: born 1965-1980, Generation Y: born 1981-2000 and Generation Z: born after 2000.

Each group has differences in core values, work ethics, communication and feedback styles. Different generations can struggle to understand one another’s values and working styles. Working together and sharing power can be problematic. And as more people delay their retirement, younger generations can feel that their opportunities for career advancement are being restricted. Managing the diversified generational workforce is therefore an extremely complex challenges for leaders.

TACT offers experiential learning by using activities to help the multi-generational groups enhancing their understanding in a non-competitive working environment. Our facilitators will use the experience in the activity to foster

  • Staying respectful, flexible and understanding.
  • Being open to learning from others, and helping them to learn from you.
  • Adapting your communication style.
  • Focusing on similarities and best practices of individuals, rather than on their generational differences.

If your company has current issues within the multi-generational workforce, call us and see what TACT can help to bring your team back to efficiency.

Steve Pun
Director of TACT Consulting Limited

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