Life Motivation

Susanna Tang is our Life Motivation Instructor.  Even though she has lost all her left limbs 28 years ago, she has not conceded to her disability but survived with lots of her amazing stories in serving her family and also brought up the lovely girl on her own.

With her unique characters, we reckoned that she would be an ideal role model for all clusters of life. So, we have arranged her to deliver speeches to many people and her interesting stories always receive an appealing effect.  Since then, she has conducted over 50 talks to all walks of life.

TACT Consulting Limited public bus driver sharing

Scenario 1: Public bus drivers

Susanna has given talks to over 100 bus drivers who have faced with misunderstanding from the passengers and even impolite feedback.  She shared with them on how to meet with frustration and used mini games to demonstrate that they can overcome their mental roadblocks. She even used her as an example of how these drivers can help the handicapped to board and depart the bus. The drivers echoed “if Susanna can do it, they can also do it.”


TACT Consulting Limited Life motivationScenario 2:  Nurses in Government Hospital

The nurses have been demoralized with problems such as under staff, over workload and lack of appreciation. Susanna shared her stories on how she has recovered with the help of these medical persons which she felt so grateful to their caring during the toughest time of her life. She showed her appreciation of their encouragement and intensive care to her after the operation and road to recovery. These talks have reignited their passion, empathy, and commitment to their work.


TACT Consulting Limited meal cooking

Scenario 3: Meal cooking for 40 corporate managers

Apart from her usual talk to the participants, Susanna, in particular, enjoyed the cooking sessions she has prepared for two batches of 20 people each. We have been conducting leadership development programs for two batches of corporate managers. We arranged Susanna to demonstrate that there is no border or obstacles between them and the disabilities by preparing the meals for 20 people at one go. She planned for the menu, purchased the ingredients and cooked for the meal all by herself.  At the end, the participants enjoyed the delicious meal with surprise and subsequently strong admiration. This also confirmed to them that there should not be any barriers among themselves and also proved “Strong mind can win everything”! They all reckoned this is the highlights of the program and of course a great inspiration to their future work.



Susanna life motivationScenario 4: Primary school students

Susanna has given numerous session of talks to students in primary schools, secondary schools, and universities.  The theme mainly stressed on developing strong mentality on facing difficulties, promote balanced personality, and enhance interpersonal communication. The students all surprised on her determination to survive with her disability and Susanna simply used very lively examples to demonstrate the belief that “Nothing is Impossible”.


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