Life Motivation

Susanna life motivation

TACT Consulting Limited and t.act have been promoting personal breakthrough and life motivation in our daily life and we have arranged distinguished speakers especially the handicapped to address people at work and students in facing challenges.

Susanna Tang is one of them. She is our Life Motivation Instructor. We met her in early 2010 and was amazed with her determination and great perseverance in the face of difficulties. Even though she has lost all her left limbs 28 years ago, she has not conceded to her disability but survived with lots of her amazing stories in serving her family and also brought up the lovely girl on her own.

During our acquaintances with Susanna, we find that she is not only a person who has make strenuous efforts to overcome the obstacles in her daily lives, but she has surpassed her disabilities and use her lively stories to encourage and motivate the despair, the pessimist and the disgruntled to recover their passion in life.

If you want to know more about how she impacts and thus motivate others, here are some successful examples

Human Resources Functional Audits

We provide internal audits to assess the effectiveness of the HR functions within client organizations by examining their performance in different categories. We will engage the HR staff in the process as part of their development, and will provide assistance in analyzing the information gathered and developing action plans to enhance the HR functions.

Competencies Based HR Development

We helped companies to develop functional and hierarchical competencies which form the basis of their competencies based HR functions. This will enhance and refine the processes of resourcing the right people, developing the right skills and assessing the right performance attributes.

DiSC Personality Profiling and Leading Teams

Strong working relationships between members are the cornerstone of a successful team.  We can use the DiSC profile to understand team norms and analyze individual preferences,  relationships and their specific places in the team. Each team will have different leadership needs that their leader will need to take into account their leadership qualities to achieve peak performance.   DiSC can also help to identify individual development opportunities.

Team Building with a cause

TACT Consulting Limited Team Building

We use experience-based training approaches to develop high-performance teams. We organize highly effective team-building activities, from hours-long Conference Energizers to one or multi-day team-building programs to reinforce company core values and heighten leadership competencies. All our programs are tailored-made to fit the company’s objectives.

Our experienced trainers will skillfully process the learning during the program to enable participants to transfer the powerful insights gained and the positive attitude and behavior formed back to the workplace.

We also run recreational programs to enhance relational harmony within the family.  


Business Simulation Games


TACT Consulting Limited climbing

We simulate a business environment using outdoor experiential training activities to work on projects where the teams will have to identify business opportunities, maximize resources and turn them into profitable business results. Throughout the process, they will utilize and maximize their manpower to formulate strategies and implement their actions for organizational gain. Planning and change management are vital to their success.

We use kayaking, orienteering, tree climbing and river crossing as the vehicles to get business results. We can also cater for teams with different training needs within an organization by designing programs with different levels of complexity and duration varying from 1 to 3 days.

One of the examples is ECO system.

ECO system is a half day business simulation game that calls for teams to survive in three different food chain at various seasons within a period of 3 years. Teams will have to strategize their plan by getting enough resources to sustain the food chain survivability. Interim review will be held between years as each team result can be reflected by their efficiency ratio. Teams can then adjust their strategy and actions by adapting to the changing environment.

Another example is our promotion campaign.

Promotion Campaign is a half day business simulation game that calls for teams to compete for the advertising project of the customer's new product launch. The teams will be asked to prepare a TV advertisement and a newspaper poster. They need to communicate with client to find out the actual needs of the company and their market data. Customer service and needs identification are key to the success of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have run CSR programs for commercial corporations and schools.  It is a win-win scenario for all three participating parties: the corporation obtains an opportunity to meaningfully enhance its CSR, the staff learn new technical and communication skills during the preparation process as part of their personal development, and the beneficiary organization as the recipient of a social service, often rendered in the form of experiential character-building activities, that promotes the theme of integrative development.