Our Services

TACT Consulting Limited high event facility

TACT Consulting Limited and our subsidiary company t.act are experiential based training companies. We provide the same five core services for our clients.

We provide custom training program based on the needs and natures of our clients. For example, the training program is different if you are from a primary school instead of a corporate. If you have any request, feel free to talk to us and we will think about how to design the program to suit your need.

We have a reputation for providing professional and excellent training program for out clients in the industry. All of our trainers are experienced and passionate about their work. They all have many years of working experience so that they can apply these experiences, related knowledge and skills to the training. So, they can give valuable and actionable insights to our clients in the training program, unlike other amateur trainers who are not motivated to get the job done.

We are famous for taking care of our clients thoroughly. We will visit your company in person to discuss how you want the training program to be. Then, we will prepare all the logistics including booking training venue and preparing relevant equipment for you. So, all you need to do is just getting involved in our meetings and then attending the program.