Safety and Risk Management

TACT Consulting Limited safety equipment

If you are not sure whether your adventure-based program is safe enough, we can help you! Because we conduct risk assessment management from general scope of view to specific single activity. This will help to minimize accidents, upgrade the program and design.

We are proficient in taking safety precautions and risk assessment when organizing any training programs. One of our directors is in the training field for over 20 years and he has more than 20 qualifications like Risk Assessment Management, Mountain Craft and Rock Climbing, Advanced Rope Course Facilitation, Life Saving and First Aid. So, we are experienced in minimizing accidents as few as possible and preventing avoidable accidents.

We place a high value on safety. So, individual safety comes first in our safety and risk management. For example, we will assess whether your program can well protect your participants or not. We also focus on assessing whether adventure facilities are up to bar or maintained correctly based on industry standard.

After the assessment, we will give you some advice regarding the safety and risk management.

Contact us now if you want us to conduct risk assessment management!