Team Experiential Training

We use experiential based training like adventure-based one to develop group cohesiveness. At the end of the activities, we will help to process the learning and help the participants to connect and link the positive thinking to work.

We also help companies to organize team building activities (from few hours to one day) in their annual conference. All our activities are tailored made to fit your requirements.

Even if you join the similar team experiential training before, you will still enjoy our training because of two reasons. First, our training programs are better than most of the other companies in our industry. Second, you will still learn something new and get some new insight even if you join similar training before.

What makes us stand out

We are different and better than other companies, even though they also provide the same service.

First, all of our trainers are veterans in the industry, unlike some companies employing inexperienced ones. The reasons why we employ only the veterans are safety concern and meaningful debriefing.

TACT Consulting Limited preparing for high event

Safety is our first priority when organizing training programs. Our trainers are all capable of taking safety precautions and saving participants in case of emergency.

Also, we place a high value on debriefing which our clients love the most. Because a great and meaningful debriefing results in giving you some deep thought. All of our trainers are proficient in guiding you from sharing your feelings with the training to knowing you, your team and the other.

Second, all of our trainers have many years of working experience so that they can provide valuable and actionable insight. That’s why our debriefing gives us a competitive edge. Let us share you a real life example to illustrate why years of working experience matters.

When organizing a team building training for a company, an inexperienced trainer thought that the miscommunication and mistrust between a marketing team and a sales team could be solved easily. So, he suggested the two teams sit together and resolve the conflict. But, we disagreed. Because this problem was probably due to the disagreement between two department heads. If they still did not see eye to eye, his suggestion was not useful.

Last but not least, all of our trainers are passionate about their work, unlike others who just want to get paid. We insist on employing those who love and respect their work. Because your enjoyable experience highly depends on how our trainers lead the program.

Why should you join again even if you participate in it before

Evey time is different when joining the training program. Because you will work with different people to finish different tasks in a different situation, which is based on the needs and nature of your company or organization. This will give you new insights and new understandings of your teammates.

For example, after completing some tasks in the program, you realize how thinking outside the box with your colleagues can improve your job performance.

Even if you participate exactly the same adventure-based training before, you will properly work with different people. We strongly believe that different people coming together in a group create unique group dynamic, which stimulates how you can cooperate with your colleagues to meet objectives of your company or organization. You will also know better about their characteristic, which is particularly important if you’re their leader.

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